Month: September 2014

Moodboard Monday | A Juicy Apple

You can use apples in more than one way!  Apples are great vibrant colors that you can just put on a plate and use it as a centerpiece.  Check out other cool ways to use apples on our Pinterest Page. 

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herRochester | Fall Things To Do In Rochester

Ever wondering what to do in the fall?  Click on the links below to find local places/activities in Rochester, NY. Fall only comes once a year, so go out and explore!  1.) Take a hike in the park and see

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Moodboard Monday | Fall Favorites

What are some of your fall favorites? Pumpkins, leaves, colors, sweaters and boots are just a few of ours. Deep reds, oranges and yellows are just a few signs that fall is on the way! The outdoors may be stepping

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