DIY Day | Chalkboard Transfer


Have you ever wanted to have your favorite saying or image created on chalkboard, but had no idea how to accomplish such a task?  You can easily do it yourself by following these steps to turn text or image from your computer into a finished piece on chalkboard:

{1} Use Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Word or your program of choice to create the text and or image you would like to transfer onto the chalkboard.  Make sure when printing it is the actual size your image will be on the chalkboard.  You can print multiple pages and tape them together.

{2} Rub chalk on the back of the paper where your text/image is.  And don’t be afraid to use a little muscle.  You want to make sure the chalk is on fairly thick to make sure the process will work correctly.

{3} Flip the paper back over and place it on the chalkboard where you want the transfer to be.

{4} Use a pencil or other writing instrument to trace over your text/image

{5} Remove the paper and check out your masterpiece!

{6} You may need to fill in any spaces that didn’t transfer or erase any spots that are unwanted.  Feel free to darken up certain areas or even trace over in a paint pen for a permeant piece.

Need more details, wish to see follow-along pictures, or how to make your own chalkboard frame for this project?  Check out Upcycled Treasures for more information.

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