Chevron Elegance

Chevron is in! This pattern is so bold and fun, why not incorporate it into your next big event? Not sure how to incorporate bold chevron into your designs? Take a look at our top five tips:

{1} Keep It Clean: Chevron’s nice clean lines add a fresh and modern feel to your décor. You can really achieve this fresh and modern feel if chevron is placed on something plain or simplistic. So chic!

{2} Layer It: Chevron is great for layering! Adding chevron to a simple piece can add more depth and intrigue. Layering chevron on a more colorful piece or table even, can act to tie all the colors together as well.

We love a simple table design, paired with an elaborate patterned runner to give it that extra pizazz!

{3} Upscale It: You know how a good pair of pumps can dress up a good dark jean? That is exactly what chevron does to a more casual piece! Placing a chevron straw into a drink in a mason jar makes the whole drink look more put together and fancy.

{4} Monochromatic: Chevron does not have to be various colors, why not stick to one? Using chevron in this way makes a very subtle texture, just a little something extra for your guests to look at.

{5} Make it Metallic: We are all about metallic! Make your metallic print even louder by incorporating a chevron pattern. Definitely a fool proof way to make a piece stand out!

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