Elevated Pallets

Incorporating wooden pallets into event and home decor has been popular for a few years now. Who doesn’t love the rustic and casual feel a wooden pallet adds to a space? They are easily dressed up or down, making them a very versatile piece.

In love with the wood pallet trend, but feel like it’s starting to get passe? We are loving these five ideas on how to elevate and change up how we usually see wooden pallets:

{1} Backlit: Give the pallet a whole new dimension by backlighting it! Backlit pallets can add ambience lighting to a dark room, you can make the lights a color to go along with your theme, or backlit pallets can be used as a nightlight of sorts so guests don’t walk into something at night.  We love how the lit high top tables add an unexpected moment to your typical cocktail decor.

{2} Florals: Upgrade your pallets by adding flowers! Flowers bring a more romantic and dainty air to a rustic pallet. Pallets can be made into a box to act as vases, or flowers can be stuck into pallets made into backdrops or tables to give them a little extra flare.

{3} Mix & Match: Mix and match the wood used to make the pallet. This is such a great way to make a pallet look more interesting! Bonus points if you add in flowers or vines, just like the backdrop. This look is to die for!

{4} We Have Lift Off: Raise up the pallet and make a unique hanging piece for the center of your dance floor or above a head table . So many options you have to decorate this piece! Adding florals and greenery gives it a forest, fantasy atmosphere, adding just lights gives it a reclaimed, laid back vibe, or add florals, greenery, and lights for real wow factor!

{5} Glass Elements: If you are looking to really step up your wooden pallet design, add glass elements! We’re talking glass vases full of flowers or food. If being used as a table why not lay out a glass table topper? This appetizer table makes an amazing centerpiece. So classy!

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