Numbers Birthday

A numbers birthday party may be that unique and fun idea you’ve been looking for. With tax season drawing to a close and thinking about all those numbers, why not turn them into something fun?! We have found a number of decor ideas for a numbers party on our Pinterest page. Check out the variety of ideas from candles to cake decor to balloon ideas. You can decorate a cake with DIY decorated number candles, negative space candles made from sprinkles, or use colored frosting on cupcakes to build the numbers you need. If you are decorating for a child’s party you can make giant balloon numbers to decorate the yard with, or if you’re decorating for an adult’s party, then golden or color-themed large number balloons are the perfect fit. Use DIY numbers covered in glitter, wrapped in yarn, made out of Legos, etc. as an additional piece to coordinate with the rest of the decor. Make sure to visit our Pinterest to view more ideas!

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