Earth Day

Are you ready to celebrate the beauty that is around us?  You don’t need to wait for Earth Day to make “green” and eco-friendly changes and choices.  However, it is a good day to serve as a reminder that the world around us is precious and we must protect it.  Reuse and up-cycle whatever you can.  Try to find things around your home to decorate with, instead of going and buying new items.

Find things around the house you can up-cycle into DIY projects.  You can get creative with old maps, make party hats, or use old chip bags for metallic garlands.  Tree branches add dimension in vases and you can make them more elegant by painting them.  Utilizing leaves, birdseed, succulents, moss, for example, can create a green and beautiful aesthetic.

Try mixing different plants and flowers to create a table garden.  Think about other aspects where you can include greenery.  A simple photo backdrop with a tree branch and green garland is simple and elegant.  Or find scraps of wood and create a pallet wall.  You can brighten it up by painting it with shades of blue and green.  Pallets are a great up-cycle material, you can create a number of pieces from them, from shelves to picture frames.

Before you go out and buy something you need, ask your family and friends if they have one you can borrow.  If you need to buy something like plates or linens, buy them in a neutral color so you can reuse them for other events or consider renting them.

Give out mini potted plants or seed packages as guest party favors that they can plant at home.

For more ideas on Earth Day inspiration for your events and your home, check out our Pinterest Page!

Greenery BackdropGreenery TablescapeMap GarlandReclaimed Wood Shelves • Seed Favors • Stick Centerpiece • Succulent PotsWooden Backdrop

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