Haunted Mansion Party

Halloween is this Friday! If you haven’t already, it’s time to turn your home into a spooky Haunted Mansion. And while we’d all love to have endless rooms and massive halls, most of us probably aren’t living in a massive estate. No need to fear, you can still transform your home into a haunted mansion with these styling tips!

Decor is a must for a haunted mansion look.  For big impact use lighting.  Think chandleries, candelabras, and clusters of candle light everywhere. Take your guests back in time by not using electric lighting.

Food and beverage presentation is another way to get the haunted mansion look.  Think silver trays, beverage decanters, and fine china.  Mix this with black cocktails and dark foods for a haunting experience.

Finish off your haunted mansion look by giving your home abandoned touches.  Faux cobwebs in the nooks and crannies, white sheets covering the furniture, and distressed mirrors.  Guest will feel like they’re the first to be in your home in years.  Well, at least the first living.

To see some more ideas on creating a spooky haunted mansion check out our Pinterest board.

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