Winter Wardrobe

Winter is here and that means a change in wardrobe is necessary. We’ve come up with five essential pieces to add to your wardrobe this winter to keep warm and stylish!

{1} Floppy Hat
Large floppy hats are a must-have for this winter season! They are a great alternative to beanies for keeping your head warm and not messing up your hair!

Floppy Hat Wardrobe
2. Blanket Scarf
Scarves are always a necessity for the winter, but if you don’t have a blanket scarf, you need to go out and get one! They are big and thick and keep you much warmer than any other scarf you own.

blanket scarf wardrobe

3. Boot Socks
We know you are wearing boots this winter, so add boot socks underneath and you are all set! They keep your feet and legs really warm and look adorable popping out of the top of your boot.

boot socks wardrobe

4. Poncho
Ponchos are in style this winter season and we are so excited! They look great on everyone and are perfect for those days you don’t want to wear something fitted.

poncho wardrobe

5. Flannel
The patterns of flannels are so festive for the winter months. You can look stylish and feel comfortable in your clothes at the same time when you wear a flannel!flannel

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