Katie & Josh’s Shadow Lake Wedding

I am so honored to have worked with Katie & Josh on their fabulous Shadow Lake wedding this past August!  Katie came to me a year before their wedding, and we worked from the ground up to create their amazing day.  Right off the bat, Katie and Josh decided on a travel themed wedding.  Typically, our clients lean more toward a wedding style, but Katie and Josh were ready to go with this full out theme.  Here are some of my favorite parts that made their wedding travel-tastic:

{1} Paper Planes: Probably my favorite design moment of the day was the beautiful paper plane installation above the head table.  It spanned multiple banquet tables that were in the center of the room, which added a big impact to the dining space.  We purchased the paper to coordinate with their wedding stationery and created an ombre effect that transitioned from blush to cream.

{2} Table Locations: Rather than table numbers, we opted for table locations.  What made this even better was the corresponding seating chart that was designed to look like an airport arrival board.  We kept things seamless for the guests by still having a number, or rather a gate number.  The destinations at the gates were all over the globe.  Some were even in other worlds, like King’s Landing from Game of Thrones and Cloud City in Star Wars.

{3} Map Guest Book: We custom designed Katie & Josh’s map guest book.  It was definitely a hit with the guests.  We even had one attendee draw a sea monster in the ocean!  Katie and Josh now have it hung in their home.

{4} Vintage Accents: When your client directs musicals, you know you are definitely going to have some creative elements.  Katie was able to bring in some great vintage accents from the prop room, like binoculars, cameras, and suitcases.  Having these pieces added interest to the auxiliary tables, like the head table, gifts table, and bar.

{5} Cake Cutting: Katie & Josh had the perfect cake topper for a travel theme wedding, ‘Fly Away With Me’ in beautiful script.  Their DJ, Showcase Sound, even played Frank Sinatra’s ‘Come Fly With Me’ while they did the ceremonial cake cutting.

Beyond the travel theme, Katie & Josh’s wedding was simply wonderful.  Filled with so much love and personal touches, like Star Wars Ceremony Music, Ushers carrying lightsabers, and an impromptu a cappella performance.  Their wedding couldn’t have been more uniquely Katie and Josh!

Special thank you to the incredible team of vendors:

Photography by CR Photos
Ceremony at First Baptist Church of Penfield
Reception at Shadow Lake Golf & Racquet Club
DJ & Lighting by Showcase Sound
Fro Yo Bar by Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt
Slow Mo Booth & Videography by OhDavidson Creative
Transportation by SS Limo
Makeup by Eva Jewel Makeup Artistry
Hair by Beautiful You/Katie Altobelli

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25 Swoon Worthy Cake Pops

Cake Pop Tree

Cake pops are such an easy, mess-free dessert. Perfect for occasions where you don’t want to worry about ruining your clothes! Also, no need to fret about food being wasted as these are bite-sized portions. But really, who would waste one of these mouthwatering morsels?!

Here are 25 of the most swoon worthy cake pops to draw inspiration from:

Gold & Black Cake Pop

{1} Add an edible decoration to your cake pop to give it a little extra pizzazz or to tie it into a theme. This one reminds us of a 1920’s flapper theme, what do you think?

Cake Pop Tree

{2} Change up how your cake pops are displayed! This is a very unique design, you will not be labeled as predictable with this one.

Star Cake Pops

{3} Get creative with shapes! You can try hearts, stars, moons; the sky’s the limit!

S'mores Cake Pops

{4} Yup, go ahead and bend those rules! No one said the outside of a cake pop had to be chocolate. This toasted marshmallow outside is sure to turn some heads.

Geode Cake Pops

{5} Make a crater and fill it with rock candy to give a geode-crystal look!

Black & Gold Cake Pops

{6} As Ke$ha would say, “throw some glitter, make it rain on ’em!”

Unicorn Cake Pops

{7} How adorable are these little guys? These bashful mini unicorns are such a sweet treat!

Metallic Cake Pops

{8} Go metallic! Definitely gives a sleek look to cake pops and if you’re looking for a little something extra add sparkles. This look resembles an ornament to us; perfect for a holiday occasion or winter wedding.

Gold Brushed Cake Pops

{9} Place some gold or silver flecks on your cake pops. They’ll catch the light and the eyes of all your guests!

Beaded Cake Pops

{10} Consider edible pearls in your design. Definitely gives a more chic and classy look to a cake pop.

Rainbow Cake Pops

{11} Get wild with those colors! Whether you’re making the whole pop one color or adding a striped effect to a plain pop, color is a great way to change things up.

Blush & Gold Cake Pops

{12} Pick two colors that compliment each other and tie them together with a common element. Here the pink and gold pops are tied together with a white swirl effect.

Embellished Cake Pops

{13} Don’t be shy adding extra edible elements to your cake pops. Adding pink and gold elements to these white pops are giving such a regal look.

S'mores Cake Pops

{14} S’mores cake pops? Did we hear you correctly? Such a crowd pleaser and an awesome way to change up a classic cake pop.

Paris Cake Pops

{15} Ooh la la! Loving how this Paris theme is incorporated into these cake pops!

Pie Pops

{16} Two words: PIE. POPS. So unique and adorable!

Mermaid Cake Pops

{17} “We got no troubles, life is the bubbles, under the sea” The mermaid vibes are strong with this one!

Cake Pop Cake

{18} Still want a wedding cake, but with a twist? Consider arranging your cake pops into the form of a classic wedding cake!

Popcorn Cake Pops

{19} Say hello to a turtle cake pop. We know you’ll never want to say goodbye.

Ombre Cake Pops

{20} Choose to color your cake pops in different tones of one of your wedding colors. Such a cool look!

White Flower Cake Pops

{21} These are simply gorgeous. Without a doubt a cake pop for a wedding or wedding shower. The all white look is stunning and with the flower decoration and silver-pearl middle, breathtaking.

Bloom Cake Pops

{22} Turn your cake pops into flowers by adding frosting to the outside instead of the classic hard chocolate shell.

Gold Cake Pops

{23} Speaking of flowers, why not add real ones as decoration? Obviously your guests won’t be able to eat these flowers, but they sure do look pretty.

Luxe Cake Pops

{24} Cake pops do not have to be on a stick. Consider a little elegant fork as a utensil. Lovely.

Ring Cake Pops

{25} These sparkly diamond rings are perfect for an engagement party! Try them out!

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Elevated Pallets

Incorporating wooden pallets into event and home decor has been popular for a few years now. Who doesn’t love the rustic and casual feel a wooden pallet adds to a space? They are easily dressed up or down, making them a very versatile piece.

In love with the wood pallet trend, but feel like it’s starting to get passe? We are loving these five ideas on how to elevate and change up how we usually see wooden pallets:

{1} Backlit: Give the pallet a whole new dimension by backlighting it! Backlit pallets can add ambience lighting to a dark room, you can make the lights a color to go along with your theme, or backlit pallets can be used as a nightlight of sorts so guests don’t walk into something at night.  We love how the lit high top tables add an unexpected moment to your typical cocktail decor.

{2} Florals: Upgrade your pallets by adding flowers! Flowers bring a more romantic and dainty air to a rustic pallet. Pallets can be made into a box to act as vases, or flowers can be stuck into pallets made into backdrops or tables to give them a little extra flare.

{3} Mix & Match: Mix and match the wood used to make the pallet. This is such a great way to make a pallet look more interesting! Bonus points if you add in flowers or vines, just like the backdrop. This look is to die for!

{4} We Have Lift Off: Raise up the pallet and make a unique hanging piece for the center of your dance floor or above a head table . So many options you have to decorate this piece! Adding florals and greenery gives it a forest, fantasy atmosphere, adding just lights gives it a reclaimed, laid back vibe, or add florals, greenery, and lights for real wow factor!

{5} Glass Elements: If you are looking to really step up your wooden pallet design, add glass elements! We’re talking glass vases full of flowers or food. If being used as a table why not lay out a glass table topper? This appetizer table makes an amazing centerpiece. So classy!

Flower Box • Backdrop • Cocktail Table • Hanging Floral • Table



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