Chevron Elegance

Chevron Cake

Chevron is in! This pattern is so bold and fun, why not incorporate it into your next big event? Not sure how to incorporate bold chevron into your designs? Take a look at our top five tips:

{1} Keep It Clean: Chevron’s nice clean lines add a fresh and modern feel to your décor. You can really achieve this fresh and modern feel if chevron is placed on something plain or simplistic. So chic!

{2} Layer It: Chevron is great for layering! Adding chevron to a simple piece can add more depth and intrigue. Layering chevron on a more colorful piece or table even, can act to tie all the colors together as well.

We love a simple table design, paired with an elaborate patterned runner to give it that extra pizazz!

{3} Upscale It: You know how a good pair of pumps can dress up a good dark jean? That is exactly what chevron does to a more casual piece! Placing a chevron straw into a drink in a mason jar makes the whole drink look more put together and fancy.

{4} Monochromatic: Chevron does not have to be various colors, why not stick to one? Using chevron in this way makes a very subtle texture, just a little something extra for your guests to look at.

{5} Make it Metallic: We are all about metallic! Make your metallic print even louder by incorporating a chevron pattern. Definitely a fool proof way to make a piece stand out!

Invitation • Table Runner • Straw • Cake • Beaded Gown


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Modern Globetrotter

Map Cake

Calling on those with a serious case of wanderlust! Does traveling define and inspire you? Is it something you love to do and cannot live without? Well, why not make it a theme at your wedding?  Here is how you can rock a modern globetrotter look:

{1} Add Some Shine: The map will POP, if you make it shiny! We are also loving a shiny map layered on the same color in matte, so simple, but so elegant!

{2} Watercolor Style: A regular map has harsh lines, if you are looking for a more delicate and understated piece, check out watercolor! A map in watercolor looks more like an art piece, opposed to a travel necessity.

{3} Black & White: Oh black and white, it’s tried and true, you cannot go wrong! Black and white is classic and sharp. A black and white map could be a good neutral backdrop if you want to tie in a more colorful piece without overdoing it!

{4} Mapless: Yes, take it off! Okay, not like that… A map does not have to be on a piece to translate the theme of travel. Use a globe with a fresh color and a saying as a table centerpiece. You could also place a pattern on the globe to give it a different feel, maybe floral or chevron.

{5} Clean White: Incorporating a map in with white elements makes the map stand out in a subtle manner. This is a go to if you are looking to incorporate a map without making it too loud and distracting! Also a good way to dress up a map, as it is more of a casual element.

Cake • Watercolor Map • Stationary • Globe • Map



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Jackie & David’s Woodcliff Wedding


I was lucky enough to be placed with Jackie & David after they won a fabulous wedding package with Rochester Wedding Magazine.  They are such a sweet and laid back couple, it was simply a pleasure to work with them!

In their winnings, The Woodcliff was a chosen wedding venue and made for an incredible setting for their wedding day.  But, like many events this summer, rain was a definite concern.  Luckily, we held off things a few minutes, and the sky opened up for a picturesque ceremony.  Here are some favorite notes from their day:

{1} Donut Favors:  Placed at each guest’s seat was a simple white box, with a custom thank you sticker.  Inside were the most delicious donuts from Ridge Donut Cafe.  We assembled these on site the day of the wedding, and let me tell you, it’s probably one of the most difficult jobs I’ve done.  These donuts smelled absolutely incredible!

{2} Geometric Accents:  In creating Jackie and David’s signature wedding style, we were inspired by geometric elements.  I love how it adds a modern twist to the traditional floral garden feel.  We incorporated these geometric pieces down the ceremony aisle, in the centerpieces, and hung them behind the sweetheart table.  They looked awesome with a tuck of floral inside.

{3} Tipped Succulents:  From the first meeting, we knew succulents were definitely going to be incorporated into the final wedding look.  Working with a modern edge, we had the florist tip the ends of the succulents in a metallic silver.  This added a unique element to a very popular wedding floral.

{4} Colored Backdrop:  To frame the wedding ceremony, we opted to use a fabric archway.  Often we use neutral tones, like white or ivory, for the fabric.  In this case, we had a silvery, dusty purple.  It worked well with the dusty color pallet, and made for a one of a kind ceremony backdrop.

{5} Lush Sweetheart Table:  Because the cocktail hour was in a separate location from the reception, we were given the opportunity to repurpose the ceremony florals into the reception space.  Using the archway garland and some bridesmaids bouquets, we put together a striking floral piece on the Bride & Groom’s sweetheart table.  This was probably my favorite design moment of the day, and even saved the couple a few hundred dollars!

Special thanks to Nick Dontonio Photography for sharing these beautiful photos with us!  See more of their work and this wedding here.

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