Purple Bouquets

Purple Bouquet

Take a look at these blooms!  From bouquets to table centerpieces, flowers add feeling to your special day. They set the mood with their beauty, color, texture, elegance, and style.  Here are some beautiful purple bouquets for your inspiration!

It may seem intimidating to incorporate a bold color into your color pallet, but the many shades and tones of purple allow for a variety of bouquet options.

For spring and summer weddings, pick flowers that are light and airy.  Lilacs, hydrangeas, and tulips are all great choices!  You can create an elegant and simple bouquet by choosing only one type of flower.  Or opt for a bold floral mix with bright colors that contrast the purple.  Mixing light greenery and white accents add depth to your bouquet.

For a fall or winter wedding, deep purples and maroons mixed with dark greenery have a warm and elegant look.  Ranunculuses, roses, and calla lilies are great options that come in dark shades of purple or maroon. You can also mix warm tones of red, pink, or blue to add depth.

No matter the season or style of your wedding, one of these gorgeous bouquets are bound to fit your vision.

Peony Ranunculus & Rose Bouquet • Roses & Lilac BouquetRose Lisianthus & Peony Bouquet • Roses Ranunculus & Hydrangea Bouquet • Roses Stock Dahlias & Greenery Bouquet • Tulip BouquetTulips & Stock BouquetWildflower & Ribbon Bouquet

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Kentucky Derby Bridal Shower Photo Shoot

Every year we put together a styled photo shoot.  It’s a great way to try something new, let the creative juices flow, and work with some amazing local vendors.  If you haven’t seen one of our styled shoots before, be sure to check out our Luxe Winter, Preppy Glam, or English Garden.

This year, we were invited to the Perkins Mansion to a Vendor Showcase.  Each room repersented a different celebration.  We were slated to put together a bridal shower display, and after brainstorming some theming ideas, we opted to create a Kentucky Derby inspired look!

Our shoot took place in the Parlour of the mansion, an elegant, open space room.  The beautiful mantel fireplace and Steinway grand piano added the perfect charm for our race track style.

Panache Vintage Consignment dressed our beautiful models in delicate and sweet frocks.  They paired perfectly with the vintage outwear.  And what would these outfits be without the incredible hats from Moire’s Millinery?  She makes them herself!  Can you believe it?

Eva Jewel did makeup application for our models, giving them a fresh, polished look.  Samantha Brado did beautiful hair styling that worked so well with the variety of hats.  Eva and Sam were amazing and kept our models looking fabulous!

Another great highlight of the shoot was the sweets table.  How amazing do those treats from Shell’s Sweets look?  Trust us, they were delicious!  She was amazingly creative with the design and flavors.  I mean just look at that sugared peony she made.  Our favorite? The mini bourbon pecan pies!  Nothing says Kentucky Derby like bourbon!

We used the sophisticated, fun stationary style we designed as a spring board for the overall look.  It was a joy to create these Kentucky Derby details.  From award ribbon escort cards to the grassy M monogram frame, DIY elements are something we always have to incorporate. We even had the opportunity to feature our new line of rental linens, including the ivory Plaid Jacquard table linen and canary satin napkins.

The design would be nothing without the beautiful floral arrangements.  We just love working with Rockcastle Florist!  We found metal vessels, some of which looked like trophies, and they blew it out of the water with the final design.  The ranunculus though, breathtaking!

Nolan’s Rentals gorgeous chargers elevated the tablescape perfectly!  We loved how the menu and napkin sits beautifully right underneath.

And of course, the shoot would not be complete without our amazing photographer Wendy Zook!  She brought the Kentucky Derby style to life with her bright, fresh photography.  Now we can’t wait to see the beautiful video from Shaun at Filmwell Studios!  Our novice models look like pros thanks to Wendy and Shaun’s direction.

Be sure to keep up with our Facebook page and Instagram as we share more photos from this fabulous shoot!

Planning & Design: Pauleenanne Design • Photography: Wendy Zook Photography • Videography: Filmwell Studios • Venue: Perkins Mansion • Flowers: Rockcastle Florist • Bakery: Shell’s Sweets • Hair: Samantha Brado • Makeup: Eva Jewel • Hats: Moire’s Millinery • Clothing: Panache Vintage Consignment • Chargers: Nolan’s Rentals

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Yard Games

Summer means picnics, barbecues, and yard games. Sure, there is the normal bocce ball, croquet, ladder golf, and the newer popular game, Kan Jam. But you definitely want to check out these fun ideas to keep your summer party guests entertained.

{1} Ring Toss: I’ll start with another classic. This is as simple as placing glass bottles in a short crate and decorated embroidery hoops for the rings. If you’re fe
eling ambitious, you can paint the bottles and crate
like this idea.ring toss



{2} Kerplunk: This game is simple and colorful! The balls should be pretty cheap to purchase. For wet summer fun, use water balloons. If you want a smaller version, a tomato cage works but if you want a larger one like this you’ll need something larger.



{3} Lawn Twister: Just like the board game but outside and without the hassle of the crinkly mat! It should be a softer fall onto the grass than some other areas. Spray paint some small circles on the grass and watch the fun.


lawn twisterhttp://bit.ly/1q25haX

{4} Bean Bag Ladder Toss: This is a fun twist on an old favorite. Grab a bunch of bean bags and label the rungs of a ladder with point values. Have people toss the bean bags and try to land them on the ladder rungs!


bean bag ladder tosshttp://bit.ly/1OfLonb

{5} Koob: This game from the Vikings is easy to set up and fun to play. At it’s most basic level, this game is throwing sticks at blocks. To set up, place 5 koobs (or soldiers) in a line on either side of the square playing area. Place one block in the middle and name it the king. You must knock over all of the opposing sides koobs before trying to go after the king. For more extensive instructions, follow this link: http://www.mollenliving.com/playKOOB%20Manual.pdf



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