DIY Live | Le Moyne College


Last week, we were lucky enough to get to visit Le Moyne College for a DIY Live event! The theme was easy DIY Halloween costumes. We love getting to interact with the students and have a good time while doing some stress-relieving crafting! We wanted to share some of the photos from the event, as well as the “how-to’s” for all of you at home. Just follow the links below for the 5 different options. Feel free to send any photos of your completed projects and we may just add them to our collage here!

{1} Hippie Headband: This beautiful floral headpiece is easy to make.  Become a hippie, Coachella attendee, or Frida Kahlo.

{2} Wizard Wand: Hot glue and paint will magically turn this wooden dowel into a wizard wand.  Become Harry or another beloved wizard this halloween.

{3} Superhero Mask: This no sew tutorial is a great way to create your own superhero mask.  Go DC, Marvel, or even create your own one of a kind mask.

{4} Sims Plumbob: Any 90s kid would appreciate this DIY Halloween costume.  The folding can be a little tricky, but in the end it’s a go to, easy costume.

{5} Care Bear Tummy: Get the puffy paint and cuddles out for this DIY.  A super cute Care Bear is the way to go this Halloween!

For more information on our DIY Live events, get out information packet here and also check out the past DIY Live boards on our Pinterest!

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