Wedding Wednesday | Bethany & Jim’s Wedding

citrus 2

citrus 1

citrus 3

Who said a wedding had to take place in the afternoon?  The beautiful couple said there I do’s midmorning, and by 11am, brunch was being served.  Bethany came to Pauleen with a piece of paper, which is shown as the background for the number 2 table frame, and said “this is my wedding.”  We did just that.  The color scheme, which was called The Citrus Stack, was based off colors such as Red, Orange, Yellow, and Cornflower Blue, which made for a bright, and sunny atmosphere.  The ceremony took place outside, over looking the beautiful Canandaguia Lake.  Afterwards, guests went inside Bristol Harbour Resort for cocktails and brunch.  All around, this fun-filled morning wedding was a really eye opener, especially for those of us who really aren’t morning people.

For more photos and info, check out Pauleen’s Facebook page.

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