DIY | Driftwood Spheres


This week we are going to warm up your winter with a hint of summer.  This summer we create a beautiful and unique lake house chic wedding.  One of our favorite elements was these driftwood spheres.  It’s a unique decoration you can add to your next event or home decor.  Follow these steps to create your own:

{1} You will need: a styrofoam ball, hot glue gun, hot glue, brown paint, paint brush, branch cutter, and driftwood sticks.

{2} Paint your entire styrofoam ball in brown paint.  Be sure not to use spray paint as it will melt the styrofoam.

{3} Cut your driftwood sticks into shorter pieces with a branch cutter.  Keep in mind the size of your sphere will be the size of the styrofoam ball plus the size of the wood you cut times two.

{4} Hot glue your driftwood one piece at a time.  Be sure to find pieces that nestle closely to one another.

{5} Once done fill in any caps with thinner pieces of driftwood.

{6} Enjoy your new piece of decor!

To view step by step instructions with pictures (however, they use cork – just use your driftwood instead!), visit Laura Orr Interiors.

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