DIY Day | Circle Garland



Want a modern alternative to a holiday garland?  Add in a circle garland to your regular greenery or use by itself as a backdrop. Here’s how you can achieve this in just a few steps:

{1} Gather materials: circle punch, cardstock, sewing machine threaded with coordinating thread

{2} With a circle punch, cut enough circles from the cardstock to create the desired length of the garland

{3} On the sewing machine, pull a long tail of thread for hanging, then sew one circle down the center on a straight stitch.

{4} Allow for the machine to run a few stitches, then add the next paper circle into the machine. Repeat as many times to make the garland your desired length.

{5} Finish by pulling a long tail of thread before clipping

{6} Add into your greenery garland or hang as a holiday backdrop

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