Garden Party

Spring is full of green leaves, beautiful blooms, and lots of excuses to take parties outside! And what better way to enjoy the fresh flowers and outside scenery than a garden party? We have some fun ideas for you to incorporate into your garden party to make it a unique and fun event.

{1} Vintage China: Take your outdoor event to the next step by using vintage China dishes instead of paper and plastic. If you don’t own any, it will be easy to find some at flea markets or garage sales. There are also businesses that will rent out vintage ware to you as well.

Garden Party Vintage China

{2} Flowers, Flowers Everywhere: Set up your table and chairs in your garden to perfect your garden party scene. If you don’t have tons of flowers in your yard, incorporating fresh flowers into your table décor will do the trick.

Garden Party Flowers

{3} Dress for the Occasion: What is a garden party without appropriate tea time attire? Ask your guests to dress the part with unique hats and vintage gloves. It will be great for a photo opt, and sure to set a fun mood right from the start.

Garden Party Dress for the Occasion

{4} Food Presentation: Just like using vintage China dishes will make for a whimsical and sophisticated garden party, using vintage serving platters and tiered cake plates will do just the same!

Garden Party Food Presentation

{5} Formal Invites: When throwing a creative garden party you need invitations to match. Instead of the boring Facebook or text message invite, take your outside party to the next level by sending out formal invitations.

Garden Party Formal Invites


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