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This past week we had an excellent “Vintage English Garden” photo shoot with a great pool of local vendors.  Since the shoot, I have been chatting with family, friends, and other professionals.  Many have been inquiring the purpose of a photo shoot.  I wanted to take a moment to give some insight on this great opportunity we put together – and also share these fabulous behind the scenes photos from photographer Mary Beth Mahaney.

The purpose of a photo shoot like this is to showcase each vendors specific talent in order to create a final vision.  In the end, final photos are available to all the vendors.  They can use these for their own personal advertising, collateral, and even in their shops.

Another great take away from a photo shoot is working with individuals in order to make a full vision come to life.  Without the limitations of a clients desires and budget, we have more freedom to show our creativity and talents.  For example, we were lucky enough to have Rockcastle Florist come on board to provide flowers.  Instead of limiting their options to specific flowers, exact hues, and copy cat looks, we created a general mood board to share the color pallet and overall style.  In communicating this information, Rockcastle was able to go above and beyond to execute our vision.  Without micro managing, we offered guidance, while still giving them creative license to do their amazing work.

Beyond this, a photo shoot is a great opportunity to submit work to the press.  Each day weddings blogs post fabulous photos from wedding photo shoots all around the world.  With each wedding magazine issue, editors showcase vendor photo shoots.  Anytime a pool of wedding vendors come together, we cross our fingers hoping to land somewhere special.

So as we keep our fingers crossed for these amazing press opportunities, you should keep a look out for our final photos.

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