Meet Emily

We’re so excited to introduce you to the polished and diligent Event Intern Emily!  She is one our our fabulous summer interns, and we are so excited to have her!  Let’s learn a little more about Emily:

Event InternEducational Background
I grew up in Westwood, New Jersey. I attended the local public high school and graduated in 2014. I currently attend RIT where I am studying Communication with minors in both American Sign Language and History. I will be graduating from RIT in December. Last summer I took studied abroad in London, England. While there I took a class that focused on the history of London. One day we would learn about the history of London and the next day we would go out and see it firsthand. It was an incredible experience and I am very fortunate to have had that opportunity.

Prior Experience
This is my first internship experience. My first job was in my hometown, I worked for a small paper and gift boutique called You’re So Invited! This is where I was first exposed to the industry because I worked with invitations. Before I started attending RIT I volunteered as a camp counselor at Hope with Heart. Hope with Heart is a camp for kids with heart defects that gives them the opportunity to be a normal kid for a week. It was always one of the best weeks of the summer. While attending RIT I hold three different jobs throughout the school year. I am a special project student worker in the student services office of the College of Liberal Arts. This will be my fourth year working there and I am lucky to have the opportunity to learn more about the college. I am a Lead Peer Advisor for the freshman seminar class called Year One. This is a great opportunity for me to become a mentor for many students which is one of my favorite things to do because of how rewarding it is. Last August I began my job as a Resident Advisor. This is an incredible opportunity that has helped me to develop and grow professionally. I also love the opportunity to work and learn from other people. Starting in August I will be a Global Village RA and I am eager to start a position with greater responsibility.

Hopes For The Internship
 I hope to learn new skills that will relate to an event career as well as tricks that I can apply to my life in general. I think that learning is one of the most important things that one can do, I want to challenge myself to learn as much as I can from this opportunity. Through hands on activities I can understand the industry even better.

Favorite Thing About The Industry

This industry has so many qualities to love. My personal favorite is working with people and getting the satisfaction of knowing that you made their dreams a reality. With every task that is completed, you are one step closer to achieving that dream and that is not something that every industry gets the opportunity to accomplish.

Favorite Quote
My favorite quote is, “It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.” – Theodore Roosevelt, he is my favorite President which makes the quote even more special to me.

Free Time Fun
I love to spend time with people in my free time. I like exploring and finding new things to do, or new things to learn. I love to travel but I am not spontaneous with my actions which is why I am a big planner.  I am always trying to better myself as a person so free time is something that should be used wisely.

Future Plans
I recently took and passed the GRE and I am very excited about it. I intend on attending graduate school but I am still open to what my future has to offer. I have so many passions in life that I hope I can experience as many as them as I can within my life.

Interesting Fact
Some interesting facts about me are that I have traveled to over 10 other countries in the last 10 years of my life. I also try to find the best qualities of those in my life and make sure they know what makes them so special. It is a small way that I use my people skills to help those around me because I believe everyone should be valued.





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