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Your wedding day is your day to shine! All eyes will be on you and so you obviously want to look your very best (and for all the pictures!). Salon-A-Go-Go is the answer for your hair and makeup needs for both you and your wedding party. This on-site salon offers a few tips in their guest blog below and share why it’s an important part of your wedding to plan!

Guest Blog

One of the most important details for a bride on her wedding day is her hair and makeup. Many brides, often do not put importance on getting their hair and makeup done as much as they do say their wedding dress or photographer etc.  However, the hair and makeup should be a top priority for every bride!  A bride wants to feel her most beautiful on her wedding day and what better way to do this than to hire a professional onsite hair and makeup artist. To feel beautiful the bride will spend thousands on a dress, but hair and makeup are very often an afterthought until they realize what am I going to do with my hair and makeup?! The thought of scheduling an appointment and all the bridesmaids to trek across town to spend all day in a busy salon is not the most appealing way to spend the day leading up to their wedding. Onsite hair and makeup, make getting ready with your friends and family relaxing, comfortable and fun! Just be sure to get a highly reviewed stylist, one that is reliable and talented. You should be able to see many images of their work and read reviews about the company. You want to be sure not just to hire a friend who does makeup, because I can tell you many times I have had to help people find a stylist on short notice because their friend/stylist cancelled on them.

The best advice I can give for pre-wedding hair care, is don’t do anything super dramatic a week or two before your wedding! No new bold hair color, or new short haircut…and the same goes with your skin (don’t get sunburned or do your first spray tan the day before your wedding)! Also, as a hairstylist I can do up-dos on washed hair (there is a myth your hair has to be dirty and sometimes greasy is not always good for doing hair). Consult with your hairstylist about this at your hair trial. I always tell my brides, if you like day old hair, great, if not then you can have clean hair on your wedding day, too. It makes no difference in my ability to do the up-do. However, some people have very oily hair and it looks better if they wash it the day of.

Guest Blog

For more information, or to see some examples of their work, visit their website here!

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