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Wondering what to do to make your wedding extra special for your guests? Are you contemplating whether or not a photo booth is the answer? Greg Ventura, owner of SNAPpodNY, a photo booth rental service, has graciously provided some tips on how to up your photo booth game! Check out his guest blog below and make sure you remember these tips to make your wedding an event that both you and your guests will remember.


The photo booth can be an overlooked addition for a wedding reception; yet more often than not it becomes the most fun and talked about aspect of the evening. Here are some key features to look for to up your photo booth game.


You’ve just spent thousands on flowers and centerpieces to make the room look beautiful, but what is that black shower curtain in the corner? Oh…the photo booth. Many photo booth vendors conveniently leave a picture of the booth off their websites; this is a huge red flag. Ask for photos of the actual booth that will be used at your reception. You’ll likely find three types of photo booths: the solid exterior wall fully enclosed booth, the curtain wall exterior fully enclosed booth, and the open-air booth with a free-standing backdrop.


Regardless of how the outside of the booth looks, possibly the most important factor in choosing a booth is what’s on the inside. How is the image quality? Again don’t hesitate to ask for actual photo samples to see how the prints look. Photo booths from years ago used web cams to shoot the photos, which was obvious by the poor image quality. In this day and age any photo booth worth hiring should be working with a DSLR camera.


Look into how many people can fit in the photo booth you book. More often than not groups of guests will all want to pile in for some photos.


If a vendor’s quote looks too good to be true, it probably is. A “base rate” can often be misleading on what you are actually getting with your rental versus what is left out. Here is a list of items that can be an additional cost in a photo booth rental and really raise the final price:


-Multiple photo prints/copies

-Costume props

-Photo scrapbook

-Digital copies of images

-Customization of photo strips

Really do some research on local renters and don’t pay the deposit until you’re sure it’s the booth you want.


Thanks Greg! And if a photo booth is something you want at your wedding reception, make sure you check out SNAPpodNY!

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