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Pauleenanne Design welcomes a new team member for the summer. We are so excited to have Allie on board with us and are looking forward to working with her. Here are some interesting facts Allie has shared with us:

{1}  What college do you attend? Rochester Institute of Technology

{2} What are you looking forward to this summer with Pauleenanne Design? Getting hands on experience with planning peoples perfect events down to the very last detail.

{3} What events have you worked on prior to Pauleenanne Design? Last summer I worked with an media company that hosted the US Innovation Summit, Lowering the Cost of Government, as well as catering many different events.

{4} What would be your dream event to plan?  My dream event to plan would be a wedding at a vineyard. Vineyards are so pretty and there are endless possibilities for themes and decorations.

5} Who is your idol?   My idol would be my mom. She has always been able to handle anything that is given to her and has the amazing ability to stay organized and calm in any situation. 

{6}  What are some of your favorite things to do in Rochester? I love to go downtown to walk around, try new restaurants and just take in the city.

{7}  Tell us a random fun fact about you.  I have a twin brother who also attends RIT.

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