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Pauleenanne Design welcomes a new team member for the fall and winter season.  We are excited to have Noelle on board with us and are looking forward to working with her!  Here are some interesting facts Noelle has shared with us:

{1}  What college do you attend? I graduated from Cazenovia College in May with a BFA in Visual Communications and a Business Minor.

{2} What are you looking forward to with Pauleenanne Design? I’m looking forward to gaining insight in the event planning world, while also diversifying my design skills.

{3} What events have you worked on prior to Pauleenanne Design? Last summer I worked with the Seneca Park Zoo and was able to help with the huge opening they had for “A Step Into Africa” and also their Jungle Jog event.

{4} What would be your dream event to plan?  My dream event to plan would be a winter wedding. I think it would be fun to plan out the wedding photos and the reception around an elegant winter theme. I’ve always thought that snow could make for a gorgeous setting and gorgeous photos.

5} Who is your industry idol?  An idol of mine is Paul Rand. He has been able to work in all different genres of the design world from identity to books to advertising and he is still relevant today. His work can be seen everywhere you look, especially in his logo work. Another idol is a college professor, Andrea Hempstead, who has helped me to figure out my future and has provided the right guidance and support every step along the way.

{6}  What are some of your favorite things to do in Rochester? I love to support our local sports teams, as well as going on adventures at Charlotte Beach, Highland Park and more. 

{7} Tell us a random fun fact about you.  I have optic “drusen,” which are kind of like crystals in my eyes.

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